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Management Overview

Property Onboarding Requirements

We are ready to assist and schedule any/all services below as you transition your property to our management services. Moving forward, we enforce Tenant compliance on move outs to meet Tenant expectations on future move ins.


How do Owners get paid? Assuming timely Tenant payment, Owner ACH disbursement will be initiated on or before 10th of each month.

What do I do with utility accounts? Please leave all utilities on. Our team will make sure Tenant(s) accounts are setup and utility services are on and billed to Owner between tenancies.

Who is responsible for exterior maintenance? If you are multi-family investor (4-plex) or greater, owner is required to maintain the entire exterior grounds. For homes owners, Tenant(s) are required to mow, edge, poop scoop, and weed bark, dirt, beds, concrete, and gravel areas. Moss and gutter cleaning, power-washing, pruning, fallen trees, etc. is Owner expense.

How are Tenant work orders handled? Our team will notify or request Owner approval for all maintenance work orders. We will contact one of our local trusted Vendors to complete the repair while maintaining communication with Owner, Tenant, and Vendor through completion. Vendor submits invoice to Oak Harbor Property Management upon completion and payment is deducted from Owner account.

Should I allow groups? A group is three or more occupants 18 years or older. Two occupants 18 years or older is NOT a group. Allowing groups is a great way to attract more applicants and increase monthly income.

Should I allow pets? If you do not plan on moving back to your home and understand pet smell may never be eliminated moving forward, allowing pets a great way to attract more applicants and increase monthly income. Understand Tenant(s) my request need for Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal. Application denial cannot be made solely on the above nor can rent or deposit be increased.

How much is Tenant deposit? Tenant deposit is $50 more than monthly rent. When Tenant(s) moves out, we conduct a thorough property inspection and compare with Tenant move in inspection. If repairs due to Tenant abnormal wear and tear and/or any Tenant move out lease requirements are unfulfilled, these expenses will be deducted from Tenant deposit.

Is Tenant(s) insurance required? Yes, we require Tenant(s) to provide proof of $100,000 Tenant Liability Insurance. However, we cannot and do not monitor if Tenant(s) policy is in-force and/or paid up-to-date. All Tenant Liability Insurance Policies have different coverage limitations and exclusions.

Should I leave my washer and dryer? No. We advise Owners do not leave washers and dryers. Doing so creates numerous secondary issues ranging from operational to on-site storage.

Fee Structure

Competitive leasing fee and monthly management fee. No additional fees for professional photos, advertising, inspections, etc.



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